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Why buy a website?

Present your company

You can present your company online, quick and easy. Excisting and potential new customers can easily get a good impression of your services.


With your own personal website, your company is more likely to be found on Google, within your services/areas that you represent.


Our websites are created in the most used Content Management System, WordPress. It connects very well with Google, and is easy to update.

About MiniGrafik

MiniGrafik is a website agency based in Charleston, South Carolina & Copenhagen, Denmark. The company started in 2016 by Nicolai Bartroff and Mia Nyrup. Despite the youth of our company we have created more than 500 websites and have a combined over 20 year industry background.

Flemming Rasmussen is living in USA, and has been since 2007.

Our office in Denmark is located in Copenhagen, and our US office is located in Charleston.

Mia has more than 10 years of experience with creating websites. Mia excels in communication with the customer and general service.

Nicolai also has more than 10 years of experience creating websites. Nicolai especially has his strengths in the graphic developement, always getting new ideas.

Flemming’s passion is getting a true understanding of your business, your market, your goals for the website, your visions for the design of it and how we can create a website that serves as a magnet between your unique product and your targeted clientele.




Our product

When you choose a subscription plan with us, it includes free support. You can always send us your corrections etc. via e-mail, 365 days a year. If we have any doubts, we will give you a call.

You get

A beautiful responsive design
We create a website in a unique responsive wordpress design, which makes it easy to use on both smartphone, tablet and PC.

Optimal opportunities for visibility on Google
Wordpress gives you the ideal conditions for making good SEO and come up high in Google’s results view.

Easy to edit your website
You can easily edit the content on the page via the user friendly WordPress CMS, which is connected online to the website.

Unlimited support year round
Our customer service is here to help all year round, if you have questions or should have any corretcions on the homepage.

If you want to host

If you want to host your own website, we can provide you with a personal webdesign made in WordPress. When the website is approved, there will be no support and no subscription fee.

How do we go from here?

Call us, so we can arrange to meet you, so we can discuss the following in person:

· What type of website works better for my business?

· How will I get in touch with the web designer?

· What type of support can I expect when I need help?

· Do I need to combine my website with Facebook?

· What keywords should I choose for my Google optimization?

· How do I create content for my new website (Text and pictures)?

· Is it possible to get an e-mail connected to my new domain?

It is crucial for us, that every new customer has all there questions answered, before signing a website contract with us. Trust and transparency is very important for MiniGrafik.

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Contract Negotiation

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Testimonial by Keld Jensen

A game changer

“I have been working with a number of agencies throughout my career, but my experience with MiniGrafik was a game changer. The agency was flexible, creative and even faster than expected. The Total Cost of Ownership, considering time, quality and price are very competitive and I can only pass on my absolute best recommendation for this agency.”

President & Managing Director | Center for Negotiation |Speaker & Advisor
Ass. Professor, Negotiation & Behavioral Economics